Thursday, August 26, 2010

////yuxtapongo xxi\\\\

This month's episode of Neill Prewitt's Yuxtapongo, a monthly exhibiton of local experimental video art, will feature a series of videos made for tracks from the new Heads on Sticks album, Mocking Bird (out 8/31). The show will air on RTN cable channel 10 tonight at 11:30 and features videos by Neill, Nick Speaks, Miles Holst and Hobert Thompson. The episode will air throughout the month on Thursdays at 1130 and Sundays at 10. It also airs on The Peoples Channel in Chapel Hill and Pitsboro Thursdays at 3;30 and in Durham on channel 18 Wednesdays at 7. It will be posted on the Yuxtapongo website in October. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportuntiy to collaborate with these talented artists on this project. I'll post the videos here as well once I have a copy.

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